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Meet the publishers
Our History

Our History
John & Susan Howell

In the fall of 1994, while taking weekend trips around Kansas, John began recording these trips on the internet and, gradually, Kansas on the Net was born.  In May, 1996 KOTN became a partner with Blue Skyways, the web service of the Kansas State Library.

Blue Skyways

Blue Skyways provides Kansas communities and organizations free space to house their website, and tools to help develop and maintain their sites.  Their publishing guidelines describe how to use this service.

The Boeing Grant

In September, 1997, Boeing, where John worked, granted John's time to Skyways for a year to help Kansas communities develop their websites.  At the end of that first year Boeing extended the grant through December, 1999 and then made one more extension (the last) through March, 2000 - overall a 2½ year commitment.
During this 2½ year period the Kansas State Library also contributed significant financial support in addition to providing web hosting for the communities' websites.
A summary of this project was presented at the Kansas Libraries' Tri-conference in Wichita, April 14, 2000.
As a result of the support from Boeing and the Kansas State Library, there are now well over 200 Kansas towns with websites housed on Skyways.  Most of those websites were originally developed by KOTN.

KOTN (Kansas on the Net)

With the end of the grants from Boeing and the Kansas State Library, KOTN expanded again into commercial development.
In addition, we continued our work with existing websites about Kansas communities, counties (all 105), history (historical markers in particular), Kansas poetry, and the most comprehensive list of museums in the state.

Kansas Traveler

In January 2004 we decided to extend our website work about Kansas into print (going from a young technology, the internet web, to an ancient technology, the printed word).
We are suspending development of new websites for customers until Kansas Traveler has been established.
In addition, some of our work about Kansas is being transferred to other people.  Brig McCoy, longtime supporter of Kansas libraries, is the new webmaster for the 105 Kansas county pages for the Kansas State Library.
Please join us now in our new project by traveling in Kansas and becoming a part of Kansas Traveler.

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