Poetry of Kansas

Nature's Color Scheme

September rains are falling
Upon the fields just plowed.
How welcome now the moisture!
How thankful for each cloud
That comes with rumbling thunder,
And slowly brings the rains
That now we need for seeding
The fields on Kansas plains.
Oh, Kansas in September!
How sweet the autumn days!
What shades 'of green are painted
Along the streams.
We gaze With rapture at the colors,
While boldly, on the sod
Of pasture field and byway
The cheerful sunflowers nod.
And, soon, on ground, where seeded,
A touch of green is found,
Where first the blades come creeping
From out the mellow ground.
Green pastures fall and winter,
Then summery and behold,
Our nation's broad at harvest
When the color turns to gold!

Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill, Kansas: New Era Publishing Co. 1939)
Page 118

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